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IFC Export Settings and Design Options


With the introduction of design options in v27, are there any known settings to adjust in the IFC Translators?  We communicate with a MEP consultant that uses Revit.  Their Revit crashes up opening our IFC's that originate in Archicad v27.   Over the past few versions, we've tweaked the OOTB presets through trial and error.  For example the model filter we've had the most success is set to "All 3d elements w/ door and window 2d views".  Although not visible in our design options filter export could it be by saying "all 3d elements" that some model elements not intended are being exported and causing the crash.  Or for those that might use both softwares is there a setting I need to suggest to them in Revit.


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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

One thing you could try is to opening the IFC file exported from Archicad in an IFC Viewer to see if it opens correctly if it has any visible issues or something.

Otherwise, if it works fine in the IFC Viewer, I would suspect it is some issue in Revit.

Another thing to try is to save a backup file of your project, then delete all Design Options so the geometry you wish to export as IFC does not belong to any Design Options (because there are no defined Design Options in the project), and then try to export as IFC, see if Revit still crashes. If Revit crashes then the crash has nothing to do with Ac Design Options since it crashes with or without Design Options. However, if Revit does not crash, then it may indeed have something to do with Design Options, in which case I suggest that you contact your local support for further help.

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Thank you @Laszlo Nagy .  We'll try the IFC viewer.  We've experimented some more and it appears the design options are the common denominator.  Once we merged and relinked to the main model the IFC was able to open in Revit.  We've started a support ticket with Graphisoft NA.  I was hoping it was something simple in the IFC Model Exchange with Archicad for Revit add in that Graphisoft provides that can be tweaked.  I did find out the engineer is using Revit 2022 since design options was a 2023 feature maybe the add in tools are not backwards compatible.   Once I hear back from Graphisoft NA, I'll post an update for others.

ArchiCAD v27 (since v11)
MacBook Pro M1 Max, 64GB
macOS Sonoma

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