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IFC export scale issues in AC15

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I am having trouble when exporting my model as an IFC. When I bring the IFC into another program (Tekla Structures, Tekla BIMsight, Solibri), the scale is multiplied by a factor of 3.658.

I wasn't having trouble exporting IFC files in AC14, but once i installed AC15 this started happening.

Is there some kind of export setting in AC that I need to change to fix this?
Holger Kreienbrink
Can it be an inch/feet/Meter problem?
Have you checked the Translator settings?
Holger Kreienbrink
Director Product Intelligence
Munich, Germany
Archicad since Version 5....
If I sound too harsh, please forgive me: I am German.
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I don't think it is an inch/feet/meter problem because the conversion factor doesn't work for any situation. These are my Export IFC Model Units:

Length Unit: Inch
Angle Unit: Degree
Area Unit: Square Foot
Volumne Unit: Cubic Foot

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