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New to Forum & NBS Referencing Wall composites

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Hi All,
Firstly i wanted to say hi to all, as i am new to the forum and sure there will be many more posts asking for your help (after checking the search icon),

Being new to the software i have researched on how to schedule out materials and having found a guide on youtube by Eric Bobrow - seemed to do the trick great for doors and windows. Below if works is the link to what i am trying to create


As part of the project i have created wall composites which consist of: Blockwork wall with plaster finish to one side, Cladding build ups etc as examples. I am trying to schedule out the materials into NBS referencing but currently hitting a wall.

- Is there a way to split the composite skins to be able to assign an IFC tag to each build up?

I need to schedule out the plasterboard spec, blockwork build up of each composite which i can give to the QS in a Tender which is due out by the end of the week. The table used in the youtube tutorial is great but struggling with being able to create a comprehensive schedule list.

Really sorry to go on and hope the above makes sense to someone

Many thanks - Shane.
Karl Ottenstein
Welcome, Shane.

I'm not familiar with UK NBS referencing - so someone else should jump in to help on that if the following doesn't get you where you need to be.

What I imagine you saw in the door/window schedule tutorial would have been Element Schedules - where each element (something created by a single tool) can be scheduled as an entity, or summarized with similar elements.

You'll see in your Project Map and the Reference Guide that there are also Component and Surface schedules.

You're looking for a Component Schedule - which allows you to separately schedule each skin of a composite (or profiled) wall, for example... giving thickness, material, area, volume etc - vs a wall Element Schedule which would just give you those things for the entire wall.

These are the fields that you can schedule for the skins:

Your IFC tags, and other info, can be edited in the schedule itself.

Note that in AC 20, you can generate graphic wall type schedules to show a 3D view of those composite wall types that you've created.

Hope that helps!
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