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Window Orientation in Schedule when using Mirrored Modules

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Does anyone know how to get the following working.

We have used modules on a Multi-Residential project to create unit layouts. Within these modules we have placed windows which have a dedicated opening side.

When we insert these modules into our Master file we place the modules both in a normal orientation and a mirrored orientation.

The issue I am having is when I create a Element Schedule for the Windows, the output does not differentiate the orientation. For example if there was 6 windows in total, I can't get the schedule to differentiate if 3 had a left, and 3 had a right orientation.

Barry Kelly
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Sorry I have no answer for you though.


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Hi Adrian L,

did you get any fix for your issue?

We have similar problem - scheduling windows from mirrored modules shows wrong orientation (as in original orientation in module).

Any ideas?

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I have the same issue. Because of mirrored Hotlinks, schedules in AC 22 does not differate window/door opening.

Try converting to AC 23 - It's fixed on new version....



I am having the same problem with Archicad 25. It fails to determine the correct opening orientation (Left or Right) even if I break the mirrored hotlinks!

Moreover, the View from Opening Side is also faulty.



Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Could you show some screenshots about the hotlinked elements, Scheme Settings and generated Schedule values so we can see the exact situation?

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I am using a single Archicad file with mirrored hotlinks pointing to itself.

I have included both windows and doors in the schedule.

Doors have the opening orientation correctly indicated and they are correctly drawn in the View from Opening Side, but many windows are faulty in both columns.

Look in the screenshot at window type F-1: the quantity per opening orientation is wrong and the View from Opening Side is also wrong: both Left and Right orientations are drawn the same.

I can also send you the Archicad file via e-mail if that is useful.

Thank you!


My question is if Archicad is displaying reliable information regarding the windows opening orientation and View from Opening Side. With hotlinks it clearly wasn't (what if we hadn't noticed this and sent the schedule for production?)

Working on large projects requires a lot of work to fix this.

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