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Plumbing Fixture Schedule

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Has anyone worked with creating an interactive schedule with ArchiCAD where you are creating a plumbing fixture schedule? Typcial schedule contains all fixture information. What I am seeing however in trying to get the schedule to work is that the listing parameters are not the same from object to object. Example: A sink will list Con_1 for HW, Con_2 for CW, and Con_3 for waste and a water closet will list Con_1 for CW, and Con_2 for Waste. With these settings I cannot schedule all my fixtures in a single schedule as I would like. Under a heading for waste I could have the waste size for a WC but it would show the CW size for the sink. Will I just have to generate a seperate schedule for each type of plumbing fixture that I have? That would be additional work that takes time. Would be nice if each plumbing fixture was created with the same connection information in order even if the connection is never used. Also adding in a vent connection information would be nice as well.
See attached screenshot for a plumbing fixture schedule assembled for a hair salon.

Took a little creative logic in the scheme settings from a duplicated schedule, but eventually gor the results I was looking to publish.

Please advise if this is what you are also striving to glean from the model and scheduling features.
Michael |:-)
AC 4.5 - 19 Build 3003 Full USA
Mac OSX 10.10
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Will the schedule you have generated be able to show the WC drain information in the same column? That is my concern at present time is that it would show in the wrong column due to similar parameters to the sink object. I have actually sent this into Graphisoft for a review.
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