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Point Clouds anyone ?

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Does anyone have experience with importing / working with point cloud files ?

In Autocad . Revit 2012 there is now an integral point cloud import feature and I am able to import .PLY files by renaming the file extension to .XYZ which then allows the files to be indexed and .PCG files created and subsequently imported with some degree of success.

I'm not sure this is even possible within AC14, but I hope it will be in AC15 - anyone know ?

Any info much appreciated.
Katalin Takacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi All,

Cadimage announced the release of a new point cloud solution: Cadimage Point Clouds Beta - a FREE addon which will allow you to import an XYZ format pointcloud into the ArchiCAD Model.

Find out more about it, and download it free at
Katalin Takacs
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Hi all,
Does anyone have any updates on the Point Cloud issue? Looks like there is nothing new in v18 for importing point cloud survey files.

The Cadimage add-on doesn't seem to exist anymore and I can't seem to find anything recent in terms of Graphisoft dealing with this issue. Meanwhile it appears to be a direct import for Revit users?

Does this make a point cloud survey essentially useless to Archicad users? We do a lot of work on heritage buildings and it seems like a lot of clients are now looking at detailed facade surveys or can provide this information which should be really useful but we don't seem to be able to access it.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I have a suggestion lok_e1...

It's Revit.

Autodesk's reality capture engine is capable of visualizing huge point clouds directly within Revit, not to mention Autocad, Navisworks, Inventor, Maya etc. They've really come a long way towards making point clouds accessible.

It's true, Revit isn't quite as friendly as Archicad, but it is very capable software once you learn your way around.

I was a die-hard Archicad user for many years, but you can wait on Graphisoft forever, or you can get to work with laser scans in Revit today.
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this seems to be pretty decent software.

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