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REF COMPONENT Property Script Follow Up

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I have been expanding on a previous question using the REF COMPONANT command. I have a part for roof purlins that creates purlins at a roof slope and spaces them according to a variable "spacing" Is it possible to use a variable, not a global variable, in the REF COMPONANT command? See Below:

IF beam_sizes="6x6" THEN
REF COMPONENT "X60060600" , "300" , ((SYMB_A_SIZE*3.2808)/spacing)

I have been able to get the part to return the global variable but the calculation isn't correct. The script runs OK, there aren't any errors but the calculation isn't right. I shouldn't need to multiply by 3.2808 since the number is aleady in feet and inches. Any Ideas? Thanks.

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Sorry guys, I hate to answer my own questions but here is what I came up with. It is possible to use a variable in the REF COMPONANT command. I had a bad formula in my head. See Below:

IF beam_sizes="CUSTOM" THEN
REF COMPONENT "X60060600" , "300" , ((SYMB_B_SIZE*3.2808)*(SYMB_A_SIZE/spacing))

The formula works better but first estimates are that the number returned is about 25% low, might be another math error. Thanks.


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