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Redstick iCAD, extend your ArchiCAD desktop to iPhone/Androi

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If you do site measures and hate scribbling on a piece of paper, please look at

Instead of creating the Virtual Tutor V15 this year, I have been frantically working on Redstick . IFC files created on site, on your smart phone or Tablet.

REDSTICK SITECAD is a professional tool to document and dimension sites. Optimised for trades people as welll as building professionals such as architects, building designers, shopfitters, cabinetmakers facility managers and anyone that wants to build or design anything from flawless dimensional takeoffs.
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Hope you check us out!

Laszlo Nagy (Melbourne Australia - not Hungary(':D'))

Karl Ottenstein
Looks super, Laszlo!

Your web site has dead links and the App Store does not list the product yet. Any more info you can share on when it will be available, cost, etc?

Sample IFC file created by the app so that we can see how it opens in ArchiCAD?

Is there any ability to enter dimensions in feet/inches?

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I saw the video and there are feet/inches units!. Looks promising.

Eduardo Rolon
and my Disto does not have Bluetooth…

Karl you can search for it in iTunes its there.
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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Karl Ottenstein
ejrolon wrote:
Karl you can search for it in iTunes its there.
Thanks, Eduardo. I was tired and had gone to the Mac App Store

Just found it on iTunes and on the iPhone/iPad App Stores ... under "iCad' (I had searched for 'sitecad', the name given in Laszlo's message and web site, vs the iCad in his subject line. US$48 seems reasonable for what I saw in the video. I did not see the feet/inches that Andro55 saw in the video, but see it now in the screenshots in the app store. Hopefully data entry has a shorthand as in AC so that we do not have to type the feet or inch symbol.

Sure looks promising and seems like a brilliant niche. Look forward to reading more reviews as people try it out.

One of the forum moderators
AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.2, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB

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I bought ICAD and tested with some plans. During import to ArchiCAD as ifc are some problems. In Solibri model displays exactly. With use the PDF files that ICAD also generates, in a relatively simple way to speed up the inventory of buildings. Now I plan to replace my rangefinder for new with an option for bluetooth.

Gerald Hoffman
I just bought iCAD and found out after installation on an iPAD that the bluetooth function to connect to a Leica Disto does not as yet work on iPADs and I am supposing iPhones.

I phoned RedStick and they indicated they are working on trying to fix it but it is a problem with Apple not allowing it to connect to the Leica unless they use a proprietary apple chip

It will however work on Android tablets. Otherwise it looks very promising so far.

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Restick Site Cad Pro looks like a very good product.

Not only is good for site measuring but it also looks like it would
save a heap of time on doing design concepts that are not too complicated as the GUI seems very simple and fast to use.

I could picture myself sitting down doing house design concepts with my index finger on a tablet. Then export the model into ArchiCAD for further processing.

If Graphisoft want to speed up the UI they could take a good look at this excellent product.

Well done Laz!

My only wish is that it would work in windows as well?

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I have been using this for a while now. I like it because it means you get it right while you are still on site.
I have found the IFC import buggy but if you open the IFC directly into archicad (i drag the IFC and drop it onto my archicad icon) the windows come in correctly, I then just cut paste into template.
Also you will want to merge walls as they come in broken at each junction.
I have been very impressed and am considering buying the pro verison.

This post is me asking questions relating to solving issues I had with the IFC import

Highly recommend the samsung galaxy note 10.1, I found having a stylus makes the use of this software even better

The basic version, which I have been using only costs about $15, not a massive outlay to try the product.

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PDF attached, all I have done is moved the second floor up, set the storys and added a roof

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