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Remove RAL colors



I have RAL colors embedded in Archicad and was wandering how can I remove them without deleting the source file? I do have the Goodies package installed and would prefer not to delete the folder containing the RAL files.

Deleteing them in Attribute Manager is not good enough since after closeing Archicad and reopenig it thay reappear.

Thank you!

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

I think you have the option to disable the add-on in the Add-On Manager, so probably this way you can solve your issue.

Some help for the Add-On Manager:

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

Thank you! unfortunately it don't work. It seems like the RAL colors are embedded "deeper" in my Archicad but I can't find where.

If you can't delete them but see them in your library then it's likely an object.

I have never even seen RAL colors and I have all the goodies loaded, maybe it v25?




The RAL color extension let you import RAL colors as Archicad Surfaces Attributes, they then became Surfaces Attributes of your project.

To remove them you'll have to go to the Attribute Manager in the Option menu.

Then in the Manager you can click on the Surface Icon to list all Surfaces of your project.

The RAL Colors are named RAL + number of the RAL in the surfaces list.

Select all of them and click the Remove Button.

That will remove all of them from your Project and only from it.

If you have several Projects with RAL colors to remove you'll have to repeat for each.

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

If when you open the Surface Dialogue, the RAL surfaces are named in ITALICS then they are being populated by a loaded object. Until you remove said object, they will continue to appear. As far as I know, there is still no way to directly find out which object is creating attributes.




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Hi Ling,


Argoton's question was about RAL Surfaces created by the RAL Colors extension of the Goodies.


For your problem, never an Attribute created inside scripts of a single object will be merge with the project Attributes, they won't be listed in Attribute Manager as you can only use them within this object and its sub objects.

The only way to merge Attributes with the project Attributes is to run a MASTER_GDL script that will be interpreted when the library that contains it is loaded in memory.

To remove such Attributes if you don't need the Objects from that Library, just remove the Library with the Library Manager.

If you need Objects from that Library, you'll have to modifie the its MASTER_GDL script and remove from it the Attributes definition that you don't want.

If already populated objects uses this Attributes they will be marquee as "Missing" and you 'll find them with "Search and Select" command.

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey