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SQL query to AC 16

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Good day! Prompt.
I need to perform SQL queries in the project file ArchiCAD 16
Need loading a table with the roof (X, Y, Z).
There is information that this is likely to do with the ODBC driver.
I am developing program on C#

Can anyone do such a thing? tell me and showing this.
How it can work here ODBC driver if you can throw off the literature or links
In google information plainly absent.
Karl Ottenstein

Please clarify:

Are you trying to retrieve data from the model with the existing Graphisoft ODBC driver as a pure ODBC client? Or, are you trying in C# to develop an add-on (plug-in) which obtains the xyz coordinates of the roof planes?

(Note: the ODBC access to the model is read-only - you can only retrieve the limited data allowed in the schema - you cannot change any model data.)

If pure ODBC client, I do not believe there is any access to any coordinate (xyz) information anyway... use the Show Data Structure command to obtain the list of tables that is exposed by the ODBC (and built-in SQL) driver. I may have missed it, but do not see any coordinate information.

If you require xyz coordinates... then you probably have to write an add-on (which would have access to more model data)... and export what you want from your add-on (plug-in). That cannot be written in C# though, but in C / C++ using the API developer kit. If that's what you're after, I'll move this thread into the Developer forum.

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Me need to take the coordinats of the roof in model (xyz) and all its components (junctions, ranges ...).
I'm trying learn how to do it.
I was told that most likely can be queried in the AC model with ODBC driver.
I try to do this with C # because I know him better.
I opened the file AC with ODBC driver in the program MS Access. And found table "roof".
There's a lot of data, I thought one of them is the position, is not it?