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Apologies if this has already been asked but I am having some difficulty in importing a dwg file into ArchiCAD without having the text position and line spacing change dramatically, I have attached an image of the drawing file in dwg and one in pln format (in post below) to show the differences, is there a way of altering the import settings so that the pln (Archicad) file looks just like the dwg (AutoCAD) file?

Screen Shot AutoCad.png

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here is the pln (ArchiCad) file
Screen Shot ArchiCad.jpg

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Font conversion can be controlled.
Go to the File\File Special\DXF-DWg Tranlation Setup Dialog's Settings in Selected Translator panel.
Here under the Attributes group, go to the Font-style conversion page.
Here you can define which AutoCAD Style is converted to which font in ArchiCAD upon opening or importing a DWG/DXF file.
What I would try is go to AutoCAD and check what font is used in that Style you are using for your fonts.
Then I would create a conversion rule to convert that Style to this Font in ArchiCAD.
That will hopefully help.
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Hi. I'm trying to hook up to this old conversation.

Is it possible to use a wildcard, to convert all text styles used in a dwg file to one font in ArchiCAD? My colleagues always send me files with tens of text styles that all need be converted because their original texts are all Chinese encoded and never show up in Archicad unless I convert them to Arial Unicode MS. Would it not be easier, to just enter i.e. "*" and get them all converted?

Please check the attachment for what I mean.

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Found an answer myself. Maybe this will be useful to someone else, see attachment.

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