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Hi there,


We have encountered an issue in trying to save an Archicad file to DWG. We need to save out a single DWG file that retains the saved views AND the layout sheets. We are using Archicad 26.


Brief background:

- created a site plan with building outlines and internal layouts using lines, fills and text.

- saved three different views that differ in scale, layer combinations and rotation

- placed drawings from saved views onto layout sheets. Some show a scale of 1:500 with no text, the others need a scale of 1:200 with text included.


We need to supply a single DWG file that retains all this information (saved views and layout sheets) for future editing (which could be years in the future). For example if some internal wall layouts are changed in a building, the edits made on the view map need to update on the respective layout sheets.


We understand how to save out individual .dwg files of either the view map or the layout sheets, however we need someone in the future to be able to open a single DWG file (probably in AutoCad) that has the drawing and all the layout sheets in one place.


We have found the function in the publishing dialogue that allows us to 'merge to one dwg file' so all of the layout sheets are in the file. However this then creates a copy of each placed drawing (on the layout sheets) into the view map which means we have multiple drawings of the same building/s. That means for future editing - someone will have to remove specific walls/doors (for example) on each copy of the drawing rather than editing a single building/drawing.


Does that make any sense? Basically what we see in archicad is what we want to show up in DWG. It is a very simple drawing that needs to be shown at a couple of different scales and layer combinations.


We have example DWG's that have been supplied to us (probably created in AutoCad) that work in this way when opened in archicad. I delete some lines on the drawing, and the layout sheets update accordingly. There are a number of views but only one base drawing to edit, not multiple copies of the drawing.


It's not possbile to save a DWG that will function like Archicad views. The best close thing I could think of is saving views with all layers visible and recreating the view filters in Autocad.

arch. ernest atanasiu
AC 10-26 INT/GER/FR on Win 10/ Win 11

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