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Translate all beams as slabs


Is it possible to set IFC translator so it would export all beams as slabs?


Beams are in the model classified differently (as beams, facade profils, foundaments …), but I would like all beams (with different IFC type classifications) export as slabs.

Is that possible?


beam_fassade profil.png




ifc translator.png



Would it be sufficient to just reclassify it as slab?



Windows 10, Archicad 27

Hi, yes of course. Is it possible to do it for all beams at once somehow in IFC translator - so no in the original file, only in the translator?


AFAIK you cant. You can just translate classifications into different ifcTypes but not a complete set of construction elements.

You could quickly change the classifications of all beams in 3D / interactive schedule but my guess is that you are looking for a solution for elements that will be placed in the future by colleagues who aren't paying attention to classification settings.

ArchiCAD 26 GER / Win10
Intel i9-9900K / 64GB RAM / nVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

ok, thank you for your reply.
Is not too much of work, I will then check what ifc types all beams in the project have and change all of them to slabs.