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Schedule of a steel construction

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I am developing my steel construction schedule,
most important is to get mass, but i don't know how
any ideas?

I am using library parts:
steel columns, custom trusses, steel beams
in object settings dialog, mass and some other elements are grayed out...

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I discovered that not all steel profiles in AC14 Library have associated their weight. Someone knowes why?
My steel schedule is like this:

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In this way I add Mass criterium into the schedule.

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If someone wants to download my Steel Schedule, here it is.

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The simplest way is to create a user parameter for the total weight and use the PARAMETERS function to insert the calculated value. This requires GDL editing with a little scripting and will need to be added to each of the parts you are using.

EDIT: I was assuming the function was not already there.

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@andro 55, tnx for sharing your schedule
a moze i po nashki hvala lepo!
lep pozdrav

I figured out way to get weight by getting volume in AC
and then in Excel simply multiply volume by Density

@Matthew Lohden
I'm not familiar with GDL editing and scripting...yet

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We are on international forum, so we use english.
Be careful to set the 2D appearance off steel profiles to "Detailed" for exact volumes (the difference betwean "Simple" and "Detailed" in Volume is 4%).
Steel Profiles_Appearance 2D=Detailed.jpg

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I'll never thought to check it out!
It doesn't make much sense, 'cause 2D symbol should effect
only floor plan, not the model...
anyway it is good to know this
great tip

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