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Seamless Collaboration with MEP Engineers

Gabriel Dantas
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

The Opening Tool now enables precise quantity estimations by offering the possibility to create polygonal openings in any 2D or 3D views - the Magic wand functionality can be used in the process as well. A new MEP label is also available, besides the improvements on the workflow, which now allows the creation of MEP Equipment from Revit Family Files.

The integrated MEP Modeler and the Opening Tool were recently introduced, to boost the collaboration between architects and MEP Engineers. Now, as part of Archicad's continuous development, these tools were improved again, aiming to provide a smoother workflow.

Expanded Design Freedom with Polygonal Openings

Thanks to the new polygonal geometry method, the Opening tool is more accurate and adjustable to your needs, allowing you to achieve more precise quantity estimations. You can design any Openings - in addition to the existing rectangular and circular geometries.

Thus, in Archicad 25, you can generate more accurate schedules and quantity take-offs thanks to more accurate models. You can create by Magic Wand any custom-shaped Opening or convert existing rectangular and circular geometries to a polygonal shape, using standard polygon editing functions in any 2D or 3D view, including Sections and Elevations.

MEP Improvements

A New MEP Label has been provided with MEP-related element data, such as MEP System or duct diameter. You can also change the general settings such as text and pointer as per any other Label Type.

There are some unique options for this label type within the Symbol Label Custom Settings tab. You can change the displayed data, meaning that you can choose whether to display the value only, name and value, prefix and value. The prefix for each data type can be set at the related field, and each info type can be turned on and off.

You can change settings for the displayed dimensions and add additional properties (up to 5 rows).
The display order can be easily changed, allowing you to customize the label further. Moreover, instead of using Project Preferences settings, you can overwrite it and use mm-s instead. The labels can be placed on any MEP elements, both on 3D documents or 2D View.

This improvement helps your project team conduct better documentation, following your design concept and strengthening the whole BIM workflow. It is error-free and compliant with the more specific requirements. It is easier to keep auto-synced documentation, which directly impacts a more efficient time and cost balance.

Native RFA and RVT Exchange

Another significant improvement of the workflow, import RFA as GDL Objects (previously available in an Add-on) is now integrated into Archicad for easier file exchange with Revit file formats up to 2021.

With Archicad 25, it is possible to import RFA as GDL Object, which now also supports the creation of MEP Equipment from Revit Family Files. MEP Objects inherit data and connections from the original RFA file are now available for connection to Duct and Pipe elements.

Updated import setup

In previous Archicad versions, the limitations found on the import mechanism demanded workarounds and could cause an interruption in the workflow, especially when possibly working with different teams.

This update facilitates the collaboration between the project's stakeholders, promoting fluid teamwork with more agility and reduced risk of error along the import and adjustments process.

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