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Structural IFC from Revit to Archicad. How to make Archicad recognize Ifcopeningelement as Ifcdoors


Hi everyone.

I work as a bim specialist on an architecture studio and I usually receive structural models from Revit.

The problem is that all the openings generated as "empty doors", when exported to IFC are not recognized as "ifcdoor",

but as "ifcopeningelements". As a result of this classification I have this visualization.

Immagine 2023-06-13 16462511.jpg

as you can see all the doors in the IFC model are recognize as openings.. and the 2D symbol is not correct.

If only I could receive a model where all the empty openings are recognized as doors, that would be great because I wouldn't need to edit the file separately.

I also tried to export from Archicad a basic file with two empty openings to see what happen.

Immagine 2023-06-13 165335111.jpg

 But even if they are listed as IFCDOOR when I export it and then import again in Archicad, nothing change..

Immagine 2023-06-13 16590211111.jpg

when I open it in BIM COLLAB i can see that they basically are opening and not doors.


Immagine 2023-06-13 170546.jpg



I would like to know if anyone of you have the same visualization problem when importing an IFC file with empty openings in Archicad. And if there is a way to have a better translation and list them as doors to match the correct floor plan visualization.

Thank you


Immagine 2023-06-13 16462511.jpgImmagine 2023-06-13 165335111.jpgImmagine 2023-06-13 16590211111.jpg

did you try to map them diferent in the "Map IFC Types for Import" in to your translator?

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Yeess.. I tried but unfortunatly nothing changed..

Immagine 2023-06-13 175325111.jpg


I guess the only way that Archicad can translate those "empty doors" is by generating an opening...


Immagine 2023-06-13 1754001111.jpg


Personally, I have a high adversity against using opening tool for doors... I would do anything for that not to happen and I understand your pain.

I also never used IFC's as anything else but references and I prefer to rebuild all in Archicad using our primitives to begin with and avoid "attributes pollution"

This is a good topic to explore though. I do have a situation where our doors are not getting properly into Revit and they get stuck to first floor only. This makes me suspect that there is something wrong with the door element interchange...


AC 7-26 (current 27)
iMac 3.6 Ghz 10Core Intel Core i9 / 12b GB / AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB / Ventura 13.4

Problem solved!! 

I changed the IFC parameters in Revit and in a first moment nothing happened in the IFC export. 

Immagine 2023-06-13 19005023523523.jpg


but if you use this translator in Revit, it works!! It seems to recognize the change I made.



Result in Archicad

Immagine 2023-06-13 1906391111.jpg



Immagine 2023-06-13 190800.jpg


by the way.. thank you for the support!!!

I question why you want it as a door - it's not a door, it's an opening.

We frequently get IFC:s from the structural engineers (more often than not modelled in Revit) and of course they need to account for the opening in for example prefab concrete in order to document their side of the project correctly. But they don't document doors - they document openings in a precast concrete element.


As such it should not be classified or imported as a door, but as an opening so that the placement, documentation and specification of the door is done by the architect. Is there a particular reason why you want to import it as Door?

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Community Admin

Just to recap for future reference what we learned in this thread:

  • If you model an empty opening in Revit and export it as IFC, its IFC Type will be IfcOpeningElement and it will come into Archicad as an Opening element.
  • If you want it to come into Archicad as a Door element, you have to export the IFC from Revit in a way that the empty opening gets the IfcDoor IFC Type because that is the IFC Type that will be converted to a Door element in Archicad upon import.
  • This can be achieved in Revit because there is a pair of parameters (Export to IFC and Export to IFC As) using which you can specify the IFC Type the element will be exported as (instead of the default IFC Type based on the Category of the element). In this instance, you can set the empty opening in Revit to be exported to IFC as IfcDoor IFC Type. When that element is imported into Archicad, the IfcDoor will be converted to a Door element if possible.
  • The Type Mapping for IFC Import setting in Archicad's IFC Translators does not have an effect on what Archicad element type an IFC element will be converted to. It affects only the Classification the element receives in Archicad.
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Hi SwedishChef.  The reason why I want to import openings as doors is because of its plan view visualization. I don't want to re-model all the structural part or change openings parameters singularly to match the correct representation (openings can not be selected with layers). I want to have vertical openings as doors and to keep horizontal ones as they are.