Collaboration with other software
About model and data exchange with 3rd party solutions: Revit, Solibri, dRofus, Bluebeam, structural analysis solutions, and IFC, BCF and DXF/DWG-based exchange, etc.

What other CAD software do you find is the easiest to use and model up a normal project in ?


This can depend quite a bit on what you started your training in ?


It’s fine to mention what other CAD software you use and why you use it in your design process.


How you go about importing a 3D model into Archicad and how accurate it is for you ?


Mass modeling in other apps can also be mentioned if you prefer using other CAD for that purpose as well ?


I am interested in what others think and what they use in their BIM process.


We all have time constraints and saving any amount of time in our work process with other CAD is always welcomed.

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Eduardo Rolon

Everything is done within AC no need for any other program. Using other software usually means recreating in AC so I just spend my time learning how to be a more proficient user.

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Sorry to dissapoint the OP, but since we migrated to Archicad havent used any other software, save for a couple of realtime render engines, photo editing software and ocassionaly an innovative software that has the ability to draw 2d lines on a 2d plane which name i wont say. However the render guys that we hire when we need serious render quality use sketchup and 3dmax and they open our models without a single flaw.

I also recently did all my work right inside AC as well. I have noticed from videos that I have watched, that lots of time can be consumed when you have to import 3D models from other apps.


I was used to using a different type of software in the past but I find I am getting better and better at using Archicad as time goes on and I prefer that.


My other software was good for builder clients who wanted me to produce framing plans and take off material quantities. I could do it in Archicad but I would probably have to use the ArchiFrame add on. Since I still have Chief Architect I have used that and it’s fast for that process.


I am sure that if I had started with Archicad I would have been using it for all my past work.


I learned in Archicad 7 about 20 years ago and bought 8.1 but it took me a while to transition from Chief to Archicad. I was up and running from AC10 onwards.


There are many things that you can’t do with Chief Architect when it comes to design that we can do in Archicad more easily.


I never regretted getting Archicad and using it.

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It’s no problem if we have used Autocad for 2D drafting and still do today. That was one of the most widely used programs a couple of decades ago and I think it still is ? The good thing is that we can import & export DWG files with many other apps.


Archicad has always been BIM friendly and is even more so now. I never thought we would see the day when collaboration with Revit is progressing as fast as it has. I have tested Revit with a demo version in the past and it was easier for me to learn the basics than it was with Archicad. Only because Chief Architect works in a similar manner when placing and locating elements with the temporary witness line input method.


Looks like collaboration is here to stay and it’s only improving with time.

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Totally; we actually still begin everything with hand drawing sketches and then to the computer, go figure!  What Archicad has allowed us is to simplify and compactify (if that is a word) the process. 


Yes definitely, the design process starts with our concept in our own brain and those who have used 3D hand sketching have used the primary CAD program of the human brain. The pencil has had more design freedom than the cad program but the cad programs are catching up. The cad program helps us sculpt our designs and to be able to present them in a photo realistic manner much faster with the help of the rendering engine these days. 


I would like to say that I find the morph & shell tools to be quite a challenge at present but I think that’s because I am not as sculpturally artistic as some other designers are, who use Archicad. My brain tends towards engineering and construction with more simple forms when I model up. I must say that architectural design is not my first choice, I prefer to sculpt sound with musical instruments when that’s possible lol.


Those of us who are more daring when it comes to design forms and those designs are selected for development, they have a special privilege to look forward to. Cad programs just facilitate the human mind and become a way of expressing ourselves artistically with design forms. I guess if you are willing to spend lots of time sculpturing a building and getting it to look right, then that’s a great skill to have or develop.


The Chief Architect might be the oldest person in the design team and may prefer to put 3D paper shapes together to start the design processes or use the pencil sketch. Me I prefer to start with the cad program because I can get to end result quicker and to start shaping my designs.


All good fun and helps keep you sharp.




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