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add room names or user defined columns to schedules

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Is there a way to add room names or more (more than 3) user defined columns to schedules?
Thank you,
Karl Ottenstein
johncassel wrote:
Thanks Karl,
I hadn't noticed that there was a Schedules section in the forum.

There are three User Defined fields in the standard door or window schedule.

Is this the best way to get additional User Defined fields in a door or window schedule?

It looks like the Additional Parameters settings window offers eight more User Defined fields.

Is there any way to get more User Defined fields than the three and the additional eight?
Hey John,

First - for anyone using current versions of AC, you can mostly ignore the details here, as AC 11 does not handle User Defined fields the same way as say 16 or 17. Not sure in which version things changed without launching them all...

In AC 11, the General group only has 3 User Defined fields and you have to go through the Additional Parameters, as you did, to get more... and then there appear to be up to 8.

In AC 16, there are 10 User Defined fields in the General group, so no extra digging is required to add additional text columns to a schedule. (See attached.)

The easiest way to get more fields is to upgrade to the current release; the most costly method now, especially after the June 1 price increases in the US.

The problem that you MAY run into by going into the Additional Parameters to pick up the User Defined fields... is that if you schedule doors (e.g.) that are not programmed the same so that all doors, say, do not share the exact same-named User Defined parameters ... then the entries for those doors will not be editable. That's one of the things that Graphisoft improved after 11 by making the User Defined fields common fields that show up in the General group as in the screenshot.

The only way to add more than the GS library provides (3 + 5 in your version of AC 11, and 10 in AC 16, US lib) - is to edit the subtype and add the additional fields. For example, in your 11 US library, "Door 10" is the subtype for many (not all - see previous paragraph) doors. So, if you open and edit that subtype template, you can add additional parameters which magically become part of all objects based on that subtype. The process is complex and error prone for the non-GDL programmer so I'm not going to take the time to give details here - basically you'd have to unpack you LCF library so that it is editable and go from there. You asked for easy, and this probably wouldn't qualify as that.


PS A pet peeve, for which I don't recall us having a wish, is that the fields such as in the attached screenshot have never been alphabetical... makes it a real pain to page through a long parameter list.
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