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trimmed zone to roof

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if i trim a zone to a roof is there any way of picking up the surface area of the top of the zone on the rake

i attempted to use ROOM_ROOF_TOP_SURF in parameters but this did not seem to provide correct figure when cross referenced with manual calculation
I suppose the area of the underside of the roof having the same footprint and slope comes out correctly?

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thanks for the reply, only issue i have, assuming that i am interpreting
your response correctly, is that there is no guarantee that the roof over has exactly the same foot print as the zone

i have solve the problem in an adhoc basis by adding a parameter to the zone which multiplies the ROOM_AREA * PitchMultiplyer. Not the best solution as user has extra step the process but will suffice thanks
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hello all

And six years after, the ROOM_ROOF_TOP_SURF with AC16 crash again.

With a zone trimmed by a roof with schedule when I want to get the entire surface of the walls around this zone, the results are false ..

In this case the use of schedule or lists do not seem to work very well

Has anyone found a solution ?

Thanks a lot
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