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v19 : establish + tally average grade

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Hello -

I need to verify allowable building height (aka Average Building Elevation, or ABE) on a proposed single family residence. In addition to the standard "average by four midpoints of overall rectangle" method, we want to use a second method to evaluate : the "midpoint of each wall length" method. This means I will need to keep a tally of more than 30 midpoints, and they could change if the footprint is adjusted in future design iterations. I am accustomed to an old method (dropping a hotspot at the midpoint of the wall length, striking a perpendicular line to two contours on either side of the hotspot/midpoint in question), but surely there is a way to identify and total this information.

Is there a more evolved way to find and tally this info? I'm new to v19, fwiw.

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