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Adding H-V grid to window

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I am trying very hard to build this window. I wanted to create it by adding to one of the library windows a H-V grid. But it is not working.
The window is 65 cm wide and 165 cm high. Might the dimensions have something to do with this?
How can I solve the problem?
Thank you.


Karl Ottenstein
I've moved your posts to the Library Parts/GDL forum where they belong.

If you really want help, do not use a subject like "Window Error" - who would know what that is and pay attention to it? Specify your issue clearly in the future please. I've changed your subject both here and in your other post.

If what you want is the illustrated window ... then you model it with two windows stacked on top of each other and 'ganged' together. An arch top over a single pane window (pick your operation type if not fixed).

I'm not sure where/how you want an H-V grid?
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Thank you for your answer.
I will try to be more specific and clear about the problems I encounter in the future.
I called my post 'window error' at first because Archicad kept giving me sort of an error report and kept telling me something about a division to zero.
I will build two windows out of this example. It suits me perfectly.
I imagined I could introduce the transom as an element of an H-V grid and have one 'column', but two 'rows'.
Also, I discovered later on that the problem did have something to do with dimensions. Once I changed the width to 67 cm, I suddenly had a H-V grid.
Thank you again.

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