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Building Material Selection Crash - GH AC20 Live Conn Mac

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Rhino WIP keeps crashing with Grasshopper - ArchiCAD Live Connection Beta version when a Building Material selection attempt is performed in the Wall Settings Component:

1. The Wall Settings Component is placed in the Grasshopper canvas.
2. Right click over "Building Material".
3. Click in the "Set one Building Material" option of the pop up menu.
4. Crash.

I have the same problem with Composites and Surfaces component, but still not with Building Materials. Curious...

Maybe it's a bug ?
David Delgado Vendrell
i7-7820HK CPU 2,90GHz 32GB RAM
Triple Monitor 17"+25"+32" Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080
SSD+HDD, Win10 Home - 64 ENG
AC18-AC24 INT (64-bit, latest build)
Surfing with ARCHICAD since 2013

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Have you found out the problem? since i have similar problem too, got crashed when building material and surface node if clicked.

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Seems like a known issue in Mac version only. Its also clashing with complex profiles.

As per support feedback channel, its a known bug #229776

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