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Changed part names in library

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Every time there is an AC upgrade (say AC20 to AC21) and then install the new version the installation software installs the new library and migrated libraries from previous versions. So if you open Windows Explore (my choice) and delve into the Graphisoft folder you will find the library folder which will show the new library and the migrated old libraries. Sounds like everything is covered when you open files from previous versions of AC. I am finding more and more that that is not true. Every time I open a file from an older versions AC I always get a popup window indicating all the missing components. I would not what the missing components were and then go checking in the library files migrated from the older version. To my surprise that component is not in the migrated library. After many hours of digging through the various libraries to try and find the component I finally figured out that the component is in the AC21 library and that is why it is not in the migrated library. So why did AC say that the part was missing? What did I find? The reason that AC said it was missing was because the person who moved the component to the latest library gave it a NEW name. Why someone would change the name is beyond me but I have many cases of this.The problem for me is that I have to spend hours and hours trying to find the components I used in older versions of AC which is costing money and time. It would be better for all if the people at AC were more diligent in making sure that the library names don't change from version to version. It should be noted that due to the time it would take it is not productive to upconvert all of the building designs created in an older version of AC to the version that is currently being used. That process should only happen when an older version file is opened for review and then saved to the new format. In the end, library continuity is important.

Barry Kelly
I don't really have an answer for you as it is hard to tell exactly what is happening without knowing the actual library parts involved.

You can always try to keep using the old library - there may be no need to use the latest library if you don't want to.
There can sometimes be issues such as when GS changed (deprecated) some of the GDL commands in version 19 (still actually worked) and version 20 (where they really stopped working).
So if you file is version 18 or older there may be some problems.

I don't use the GS libraries but I believe that if you open an old file with the newest library you have to also load the migration libraries for all versions in between.
So if you open an 18 file load the 21 library as well as the 18 migration, 19 migration and 20 migration libraries - unless I misunderstand the process.

The name of the library parts is really not important and is not used by Archicad.
It actually references a hidden ID number (GUID).
If the number is the same then the object will simply swap even if it has a different name (ie 'Window 20' will become 'Window 21').
If the number is different then the object will not swap unless it has a migration script telling it to look for the old GUID number and then swap for the new one.
That is why you need all the migration libraries loaded - 18 swaps to 19, 19 to 20, 20 to 21 - again I could be mistaken in this process.

Objects are only migrated when the features of the object have changed and have been 'saved as' new objects.
They aren't 100% compatible with the old objects (if they were it would be a direct swap with the same GUID), but they can be migrated so that the old features are modified and work in the new object (which has been saved with a new GUID).


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