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Closing file...

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Hi there,
I just installed AC 14 (build 3004 Fra Full) on my iMac 27 early 2010 under 10.6.4 and there's no option to close a file in the file menu, only new and open. And the usual mac shortcut command-W doesn't work either. The only way to close a file is to click the close button.
How's that for quality control 😉


Barry Kelly
It is there in the menu in the Standard work environment but not with the keyboard shortcut.

But the command has changed.
Used to be "Close".
Now there are two new commands "Close Window" and "Close Project".
So if you are using your old work environment then you will find the old "Close" command is missing.
You will need to amend your work environment to add it back in.


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Thanks Barry,
that was swift 😉
I still can't understand why the command isn't there in the first place though...
Never mind, I've got it back now.


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
For what it's worth, the command was called "Close" in AC13.
In AC14 it is called "Close Project".
Maybe that's why.
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Fran_ois Chatelain
Hi Laszlo,
the thing is the command was missing from the file menu altogether.
Probably because I imported my old work environment settings from 13 upon installing 14.
Nevertheless, such a basic command should not disappear from the file menu, no matter how the software is installed 😉

François Chatelain
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