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Custom label jumping bug in Detail Window?

I have had a custom label which has worked quite happily in previous versions of AC but in 21 the text label keeps jumping from it's correct location after either saving a change in the GDL or reopening the drawing. The leader stays in place but the text moves various amounts away from the leader.

I thought this was my label problem so I downloaded the sample - Label Text AC19.lcf from:

This does the same thing. It also does it with GS generated AC21 labels.

As indicated in the subject this seems to be specific to the DETAIL window, which also ignores GO's but that's another issue...

For now I am faced with checking every detail before publishing to reset the text to it's correct location.
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

Example of the scale of jumping in a 1:10 detail. Labels to the left are affected a lot more than to the right.
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

Graphisoft UK have advised this to be a known bug.

Recommended workaround is to select the affected labels, CMD+T to edit them and just click OK to re-associate the labels to their leader.
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

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