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Favorites Parameters / Element Transfer Settings

Hi all,

I'm a bit confused with the Favorites Parameters. Has this been replaced by Element Transfer Settings?
I find a lot of Help pages like this: this: and this:
that refer to "Favorites Parameters" but they are nowhere to be found.
Mac OSX 10.14.6 | AC 24 INT 3008 FULL

They are available via menu Window / Palettes / Favourites

Thats Favorites.
I was referring to Favorites Parameters
Mac OSX 10.14.6 | AC 24 INT 3008 FULL

Barry Kelly
Yes, 'Favourite Parameters' has now become 'Element Transfer Settings'.
You can now set up multiple transfer setting schemes and can choose which one you want to use when you need to transfer the settings.

Your original post was over 2 years old, so I am assuming you have figured that out by now.
If not just yell and we will be happy to help.


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Versions 6.5 to 25
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You need to open this favourites panel (note that it's different from panels you can access in the tools) and press on small button with a gear. In drop-down menu select Element Transfer Settings.

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