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Linking properties into GDL Parameters?

Daniel Pataki

Hello there,


i am looking for a possibility to link a property (made in Property-Manager) to a GDL Parameter, in my example I want to define the room number through a property.

What I could already manage to link the element-id, under Parameterscript: 

parameters ROOM_NUMBER = GLOB_ID


I also could find the code for my wished property (e.g. <PROPERTY-4CCC5747-F313-44B1-AA12-55B7B4EA9DA9>) through text-content, but it doesnt work in the parameter-script ... Is it even possible? If yes, please help with the code! 🙂


(Using Archicad 24-25)


From what I have read and tried it's only possible with the link to grasshopper, I have not tried with grasshopper but have looked and tried everything else I know.

I plan on trying to use grasshopper this weekend to see how/if it works.

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Hi Daniel.....I've tried this before...sorry it is not possible 😞 
Reading the Property and displaying - yes. Change something through the Property within the Object - no 😞

This is the best script for reading Properties:
works with stamps as well...

Grasshopper won't help since it can only place and read object, not change them


Last hope: Python

Mac OSX - up to date

Archicad 6 to 25

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