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Resolved! Rescue Education on the Use of Status Codes

The 600, 800 status codes in a line segment or arc are difficult to understand. Can you please explain the difference between the usage environment of 600 and absolute coordinates?800 is for modifying tangents, but the corresponding rule cannot be fo...

Resolved! Obtaining pyramid's face angle

Hello, I have a pyramid object using the pyramid command, but I would like to show the angle of each face in the floor plan. Is there a way to obtain and display that kind of information? Juan

jc4d Expert
  • 7 replies

Get drawing information from DrawingGUID

Good afternoon all If I have a DrawingGUID is there a way I use it in GDL to get information like the DrawingID and DrawingName?? Many thanksEric

Eric B Booster
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Controlling object's bounding box when moving

Couldn't figure out, how to control an object's bounding box that appears when moving the object. See the test object below with a polygon, a circle and a text. The text and the circle are not relevant when considering the placement of the object and...