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Modeling prefab assemblies for facade

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could share a workflow on how to go about managing a facade made of a certain repetitive prefab parts. Something like the image here attached. Right now we have halls, beams and columns sometimes made from complex profiles.
Some of these assemblies will actually correspond to more than one element: meaning a beam and a wall in archicad could actually be one single assembly part.

I am asking myself if we should consider creating .mod's for each group of elements that become one assembly production wise. But it's not easy because some attach directly to another wall that is a full sized window. So quite unsure how to handle the connection between the .mod a window.

One of the reasons of going about questioning how to handle this is because we would like to label and quantify based on these assemblies and not on each wall, beam or column separately.

All imputs are more than welcome. I thank you ahead.

I'd probably go with a GDL approach, since i can also create a parameter that also calculate quantities (for corner component for example).
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