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Pivot Door Axis Offset

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Hi All,

I am having some trouble with the axis offset for the "D1 Pivot Door 21" library part.

I am working on a few dozen retail locations, and we have a number of frameless glass pivot doors that have very tight clearances for code-related reasons. In other words, we need a pretty accurate model.

So in the D1 Pivot Door settings, under the "Door Settings and Opening" tab, I want to offset the pivot line 2.75" inboard from the hinge-side of the door opening. Unfortunately, the ArchiCAD pivot door 21 object can not accommodate a pivot line offset that is less than 4".
If I set the offset to less than 4" and I get the error: "Invalid 2D symbol. Open the library part and check its 2D script for errors."

This error only occurs in plan; 2.75" offsets work fine in elevation and in 3D. I can sort of make this work by using the "projected view" in the floor plan display, but then the door appears open for the interior elevations.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to address this issue?


Daniel Kovacs
Hello Johnathan,

I set up a Pivot Door with the same settings, but it seems to work great for me. There must be something interfering with that value in your specific door instance. Could you save a file with nothing but this faulty door in it, and upload it here, so we can take a look?

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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