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The Elevator object has definitely improved and that is much appreciated, so I'm asking you to put the boat right out into the lake and offer at least two more options:

a) If the elevator hoist way is shown, can you either offer the option to gang more than one elevator inside, or, have the option to turn off the inside wall to gang separate elevators. The concrete shaft is also likely to be a composite assembly with soundproofing on three sides and a hallway finish on the front side. The door frame should accommodate a finish applied to the wall if required.

b) front and rear opening cars need to have the option to offset the doors. I've worked directly on at least 7 projects in the last five years and each of them had a moving elevator where the rear door is not on axis with the front door. This car will also likely ne a different size than the others. [I see there are some issues adjusting parameters with the two-door elevator car. The doors do not behave identically - one can offset, but the other remains centered; the car also doesn't;t behave inside the hoistway].

c) the hoistway opening is invariably larger than the doorway and the gap between the clear opening and the hoist way opening is filled with a fire-rated assembly. One hoistway (usually located close to the elevator pit will have a larger opening for assembling the elevators themselves.

d) hall buttons are placed inside the secondary assembly and should be available and manually placeable.

e) the appearance of the elevator should be completely controlled by MVOs to yield better scale sensitive depictions (the mechanics in 2D parameter should be moved to be an MVO, not a parameter. There should be a simple representation with an X that doesn't show a car as well as depictions from schematic to complex representations of the shaft and cars.

Beyond that, what about next steps: why not have a modular, scheme-based interface for these conveyances that works like the column tool?
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