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Solid Element Operations delete operator


Hello. I want to change the terrain with solid element operations, using a slab at a certain level and using upward extrusion. Problem is, if I delete de operator slab, the terrain goes back to normal. I understand this is probably expected, but is there a way to make a solid element operation permanent even if I delete the operator. If that's not possible, can I at least hide the operator slab from 3D and 2D documents?

Obs: the terrain was made using the mesh tool.






You could make the change permanent by converting the Mesh to a Morph after applying the SEO, but I doubt this is a good solution.


The usual convention is to place the cutting element(s) you want to hide on their own layer with a unique layer intersection value. You can then adjust the visibility of the Layers with the Layer Combinations for your Views.


Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 17.02.33.png

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

Barry Kelly

Place the operator in a layer that you can turn off.

I have a layer called "Temporary SEO wireframe".

Turn it on to perform the SEO and then it should be off in all of your layer combinations so you don't see it in the model views.

And I set that layer to wire frame as well so I don't see solid operators when the layer is on - but that is a personal choice.


So long as the operator still exists in the hidden layer, the SEO will still be in effect.

The good thing is you can now adjust the operator and the SEO will change accordingly.



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