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GDL code error when implementing quotes ""

Odalvo de Oliveira

Hi guys,

This client from Guatemala sent us this issue when using quotes "" on GDL, please see if a bug or a user mistake.

By this means I want to make you aware of a problem that is happening to me when creating GDL code in the GDL Library window of Archicad 26.
When I start to create code in the master, 3d or 2d tab and use the double quotes (“”) (or at least that is what I have been able to see with the naked eye) it generates an error that can be seen when I check if the script Is it correct or not since it throws code errors when at first glance everything looks correct, trying for several minutes to correct it I realized that when opening the code in a separate window, whether it was the master, 3d or 2d, the code looked messy Unlike the tab where I normally work, if I try to rearrange the script in the window where it looks messed up, it changes to the tab where I had originally worked. To solve it momentarily and be able to continue working, I must close the library edition or even close the program completely so that when it is reopened it is ordered again and this is somewhat stressful having to do that every time it happens to me.
I attach two supporting images to better appreciate the problem.

Kind regards.









Odalvo Neves

Technical Support Coordinator

Graphisoft Brasil



It's a known bug in the Mac version. For me it only happens when I put this: ` – but not with normals quotes like ' and ".

Mostly AC 26 on Mac | Author of SelfGDL | Developer of the GDL plugin for Sublime Text |
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Hello @Odalvo de Oliveira ,


The bug you're talking about has been known :


It seems to be a bug within the GDL editor and the editor is being rewritten for (maybe) the next AC version

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