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Cinema 4D/Artlantis workflow

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I purchased Cinema 4D 8.2 and was wondering what the best way to export from Archicad and workflow. How does the rendering time vs result compare to Artlantis. Just purchased Piranesi also, I believe you can create a Epix file directly in C4D now


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Graphisoft Partner
C4D renders a lot better than Art-lantis! IMO, Art-lantis' strongest feature is speed, everything else falls way behind any other pro-visualization tool like C4D, Lightwave etc. Just take your time, surf the net for tutorials and practice as much as you can.
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Congrat's on your purchase of C4D 8.2, you won't look back, I promise. (Envious as I'm still stuck on ver. 7) Export format is probably best in .3DS, as this transfers all camera's, lights & materials & the objects are grouped by materials, something you will be familiar with if you've learn't rendering with Artlantis. There are other transfer format's but they mostly require more set-up work once in C4D. Without using radiosity, you'll find render times 'similar' to Artlantis, but if you're like me, you'll enjoy the benefits of GI illumination on your models. Good luck, & keep checking the C4D galleries, they'll inspire your work no end...

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James B
I'm actually looking at getting C4D. I've used EI 2.9 in the past so not sure which I should choose now - C4D vs EI Universe 5.

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David Pacifico
For info on exporting to a Piranesi file check here:
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Karl Ottenstein

I posted a reply to you this morning ... but somehow this new foum software put it into a totally new thread in the 'Other Products' forum. Bizarre. I've asked Djordje to move it here where it belongs. Until then, take a look at:

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James B
Hi Karl. Hmm, confusing.

The whole 'same topic but in different threads' is probably going to happen till people ge the hang of this new forum and the bugs are ironed out. Oh well.

Thanks for the comments. I seem to be liking C4D better than EIUniverse now.

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Thanks for the insight. Yes! lots of new toys! Its a joy using AC, but hard resisting the temptation to go back to VW to do certain things (especially 2D) till I figure out things here. I guess I'll be on the forum a lot. It seems like the forum is kinda buggy. I saw your post earlier, but the next time I was on it had disappeared. Also it seems like attachments are not working. I tried both links. I think I like the obj method better, less polygons and no mis matched layer elements. Besides with 3ds , It crashed C4d when I used element/material method vs layer/material. May be an issue on macs only?

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