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Dimension Label Shifting When Making Objects

Nick Darin Architect

I am making objects of equipment that include dimensions on them.


The dimension labels/text are in the default (correct) position when I am drawing the elements.


After saving the elements as onjects and placing them in my drawings, the label/text shifts and overlaps the actual line of the dimension string itself. Very frustrating.


The image attached includes the object on top and the actual line work below.


Anybody have any thoughts?







Barry Kelly

I don't have an answer for you unfortunately.

But I have edited your post with the correct terminology.

Archicad does not have 'blocks' - you meant to say 'objects'.

And what you called 'objects' are actually 'elements' (lines, dimensions, walls, etc.).




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It looks like the text style anchor point differs in the object. 


You may need to edit the 2D script to change the anchor point value from 5 to 8 in DEFINE STYLE


You could also report it as a bug to your local support office.

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