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Distorted 3D view


In one particular project file in 3D view project gets totally distorted. As you can see in screenshot, the auxiliary green lines are out of perspective and create strange shapes. Also, its impossible to edit. 
Somebody had the same problem and do you know reason why is this happening?




Modeled too far from the origin?

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Yes, either the model is too far from origin or there is a point or part of a model too far from origin. Are your textures looking wrong as well? You could try looking at individual stories in 2D and use "fit in window" to see if something is far away from your model.



I wrote a reply here yesterday, and it disappeared for some reason.


Have had the same problem for some time now, on many of the projects I'm working on. Are textures looking strange in your project as well? I find that as long as textures are blurry/broken up and those green lines don't match with the object, the model can't be exported to programs such as 3Ds Max or Sketchup.


What I've found is that some projects with terrain created with ArchiTerra 2 produce this bug, where the only solution is to delete the terrain and save the file. Sometimes saving to a module and importing to a new .pln works. Sometimes it's imported furniture that contains a bug, deleting it and saving fixes the problem. Sometimes it's stuff like railings etc. 


Really hard to diagnose the problem, and it's making my job as an illustrator frustrating because I can't export any model sometimes.


Please give an update if you discover anything. 🙂

@AndreasB wrote:

I wrote a reply here yesterday, and it disappeared for some reason.

Sorry it got trapped as a spam post.

Must have been the link in the message.

I have released it now.


I had a project once where everything was modelled close to the origin, but one wall was miles up in the air.

This cause a similar issue.



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