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Drafting in 90 secs

Hi Guys,

I received an email from a local Archicad distributor today (Applecore) showing how they can do drawings in 90 seconds. Whilst we all realise that archicad can draft quickly we know that in reality of the drawing office this isn't really possible when you factor in design, setting out etc.
Obviously their use of predefined favourites vastly speeds up the process but yes we get the point.

However, my reason for posting here is, can anyone explain how they get what appears to be an interactive fill that they seem to use to show the beam and block floor? Its at 52seconds in.

Link is:

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The objects that you are referring to in your post, were provided to me as an MES Member of Applecore, although I understand they are chargeable for those not on support.

I have used the beam and block floor and tile object on a number of projects to help with our 2D documentation. What the video does not show you is the flexibility in each object.

I spoke to the technical team at Applecore recently and they informed me that the videos are part of a marketing exercise designed to get people talking. It seems to be working, in my AutoCAD days this would have taken me 15-20 mins to draw!

It is also worth keeping an eye on their youtube channel , this renovation movie was posted this week and cannot wait for Archicad 15

Barry Kelly
Fez1974 wrote:
Seems a bit of a rip off, £6 for a break line?
Especially when there are a couple for free in the object depository.


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