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How do I change perspective flythrough speed on macOS / changes to customised work env


Hello, long time Archicad user here. I have started a new job and unfortunately I have to use macOS. This throws up hundreds of problems everyday. I've listed some of the most pressing issues that are preventing me from being able to work efficiently.


1.  One issue I can't resolve is the perspective fly-through speed.

For no reason the perspective fly through speed has gone to zero and I cannot edit it.

There doesn't appear to be a button shortcut which I can assign to this. I have tried various "zoom" shortcuts and assigning different buttons, on Windows this is an instant fix. On macOS it does nothing. Is there an assignable shortcut / button on macOS to control the flythrough speed?


2. Cannot assign magic wand to space bar. There seem to be a whole lot of macros on Mac which just don't work. Does anyone know why space bar can't be assigned to magic wand on Mac?


3. Escape button doesn't work half the time. This one I don't know if anyone can help me with, but the Esc key just doesn't work half the time when it should - I can't use it to close a fly through, I can't use it to cancel, I can't use it to do around half of the functions it should work with in Archicad.


4. Keyboard macros just change for no reason. I will save a customised work environment, keyboard shortcuts, go home and then the next day all my settings are stuffed around with. This seems to have something to do with macOS updates even though its not updating. I know for a fact no one is touching the computer, and I am setting the keyboard shortcuts / work environment settings correctly and saving them. When loading a file it will show the correct user preference settings loaded but these don't come into effect until I re-load the settings.


All of these issues seem to be due to having to use macOS, unfortunately I can't change this. I would in a heartbeat if I could. Does anyone have solutions / know the cause of these issues?


I was using a Mac keyboard but I have replaced it with a cheapest keyboard I could find that cost basically nothing but works 100 times better than the Mac keyboard.

Same deal with the mouse, replaced with a mouse with a scroll wheel and actual buttons.

I've tried plugging in the original Mac keyboard / mouse and these don't resolve the button issues - fly through speed, space bar, escape button, keyboard macros changing.

This shouldn't effect anything but being a Mac, plugging in head phones will probably delete my projects so it wouldn't surprise its something to do with the keyboard / mouse.


Using Archicad 25 up to date, and a Mac 27 in 5k i9.







sounds to me got hardware input problems base on the way you describe things.

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Hello Ryejuan, thanks for the info. We have 5 other computers that are all the same with the same updates and programs installed. They all also have the same problems and are using the standard Mac keyboard and mouse that came with the iMac. I have also done some testing with the customised work environments, and they also have issues with their computers changing settings that have already been saved and this is regardless of whether the computer is connected to the server.


There might be a hardware input issue, but if there is, its an issue that effects all current iMac's with latest patches for both OS and Archicad.


I had similar issues at a previous workplace, and another before that, and another before that, in fact I have never encountered an install of Archicad on macOS which actually works correctly; there is always an issue like the ones I have posted or something worse.

have you tried updating Archicad to the latest hotfix?

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

It's been a month, I've spent countless hours trying to fix this and read many forum topics / posts.


I am convinced that Archicad on Mac is just a total waste of time, and Mac's in general are a total waste of time.


I have tried updating, reinstalling and different versions of Archicad.

3d explore just doesn't work on Mac, which is dumb in a drafting program where the main selling point is designing, editing and viewing in 3d.

I understand this is probably an issue on Apple's side rather than Graphisoft, but can Graphisoft send a message to Apple that their rubbish OS has had this problem for 10+ years judging from forum posts.


@PClarke There is a huge percentage of us here who are on Macs and who have never had any major issues that you claim have been going on for years.  If you'd like to be productive here, please list specific things that you think don't work on a Mac but that work on Windows.  Ideally, post each topic as a new thread so that it can get the attention it deserves - and help other/future users, rather than a post that lists multiple things... making marking any response as a 'solution' unlikely.  Be specific so whatever you're having a problem with can be reproduced easily.  Thanks.


One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.7, iMac Pro

Hi @PClarke maybe you can send a screen recording of the issue that's happening so it will be more clear but I can feel your frustration.

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

Karl Ottenstein

Fly through generation works as it has for over 20 years, and I'm finding no problems at all on a Mac.


That said, most people have generated their fly throughs in other software such as Artlantis, Twinmotion, etc because the set-up within Archicad is so awkward.


To get the time you want, you cannot simply enter time in seconds.  It is a combination of frames and a frame rate.  Your frame rate, ideally, would match your localized video standard such as 25 FPS for PAL or 30 FPS for NTSC so that you can merge your fly through with 'normal' video and have it all render reasonably.


It's not necessary of course.  But, you want at least a frame rate of 25 in my opinion for the video to have smooth motion.  Thus, you will need 25 frames to be generated for every second desired.


The camera path dialog where you assemble your cameras looks like this:

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 8.18.24 PM.jpg


This lets you specify how many frames are generated on the path between the cameras placed in plan view.  And, this is where things get awkward/tricky in Archicad because two cameras might be 5 feet apart and the next camera might be 100 feet away.  If all three cameras are on the same path and have the same frame count for the in-between frames... then if the camera that dollies over 100' presents a pleasant motion - then the one that dollies over only 5 feet will feel tediously, awfully slow.

So, path management is just part of the issue here (vs other software).  The functionality here has not changed in 25 years that I can remember.


The generate fly through dialog:


Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 8.26.16 PM.jpg

is where you specify the frame rate for the frames that you entered in the path dialog... and so total frames is divided by the frame rate to get the seconds for the resulting animation.  You can of course change the frame rate to make things longer or shorter... but without sufficient frames per second, the animation will be jerky instead of smooth... so it is generally best to use a standard frame rate like PAL, NTSC, or in the screenshot the default is 'cinema' of 24 fps....  Then if you want things longer or shorter, specify more or fewer frames in the path dialog.


It all works the way it always has for me.


One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.7, iMac Pro

Karl Ottenstein

On your issue #2 - all of us on Macs have spacebar for magic wand.  It's hard-coded as far as I know... (I don't think spacebar is something you can change in the Work Environment?).  So, if it isn't working for you, try an out of box default work environment.  If it still doesn't work, the perhaps something else on your computer is intercepting the space bar.


One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.7, iMac Pro

Karl Ottenstein

Issue #3 - ESC / escape key always works for me.  What keyboard are you using and or do you have a 3rd party keyboard macro app of some kind running?

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.7, iMac Pro

Karl Ottenstein

#4. Archicad does not have keyboard macros.  It has shortcuts only.  Your Work Environment schemes must be saved, and each scheme that comprises the WE must be saved with a name... then a WE is saved which lists all of those named settings.  Once saved properly, when you launch, as long as you don't select a different WE, you should get the last one used and all of your shortcuts should be the same as always.


My guess is you haven't saved/named each of your schemes and your total WE and/or you have a 3rd party keyboard driver or macro utility running.

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.7, iMac Pro

Hello Karl thank you for you're responses, I will make other forum threads about the other issues. For now I want to focus on getting 3d explore to work.


We have Archicad 25 on 4 iMac's here.

3d explore doesn't work on any of them and no one here was aware that you should be able to use "w, a, s, d" to move the view forward, left, right, back when in explore mode, because they have been trained on Mac's and explore simply doesn't work. No keyboard buttons work when explore mode, the method to escape is by right clicking the mouse.

This problem occurs on all 4 iMacs, on Archicad 23, 24 solo and 25 solo.

I am using a third party keyboard, but the problem happens on official Mac keyboard and mice, and on all the iMacs we have.

It happens after reinstalling a fresh copy of Archicad, it happens after patching, it happens after loading the default work environment.


There are countless forum threads talking about this issue and the problem stretches back years, I can keep pulling up more threads, it seems to be one of the most common problem people experience and the main thing in common is it happens to Mac users -





interesting issues that am not also aware and I was planning on shifting to mac. 😅

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

ryejuan, I would most definitely recommend you do not.

On Mac I am working at less than half the speed.

No ability to quickly move around and view things in 3d.

3d orbit doesn't work as intended (sometimes reverses the direction you should be orbiting)

The whole project crashes if you close a window (this was supposedly fixed in patch 5014, but still happens). So if you have a project with hundreds of views / layouts it may be unworkable on Mac if you have issues with saving changes to work environment profiles and background updating is enabled.


Escape key doesn't work half the time.

Program crashes regularly.

Editing certain items (such as amending a beam with a complex profile) in section or elevation crashes the program.


There are countless other problems, and they are driving me crazy. As previously stated I will be making other threads. I am having to go home each night to work on my Windows computer to get more done in a couple hours than I can get done in a day on this Mac.


Yesterday I was 30 minutes late for a meeting because I had to save a BIMx file nearly 10 times to get it to export correctly.  In the end I had to delete half the file to get it exporting only the items I wanted. I tried exporting it at home on Windows with the version of the file with all the additional layers / info, and it exported correctly first time.

Basically doing anything is a nightmare to the point that I told my bosses I will gladly buy a new drafting computer for their office in order to not use a Mac.

Sounds really bad... Do you have like a distributor there of Archicad, maybe they have tech support that can help you guys out.

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

I need to figure out who our distributor is, we are based in Perth Western Australia, so the local distributor / support would normally be central innovation.

However, our office was originally based in UK / Ireland so the licences were purchased in UK and they are perpetual licences. As such, I'm not sure what the deal is with support for the "Solo" perpetual version of Archicad.


I will try and get in contact with Central Innovation, but I am under the impression they are over-worked at the present time; the building industry is very busy here at the moment so Archicad support is trying to keep up.

Yeah, feels like Central Innovation is the distributor there. Not much documentation, if you want to see the list of distributors in each country. Since Graphisoft have initiated the use soft key licenses I think in my opinion they need to support every customers either they got it from UK/AU distributors.

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards


Something must be certainly wrong with your AC installation or MacOS.

If you are on MacOS Monterey downgrading to Big Sur might help? Unfortunately it would be a fresh install and starting all over.


On MacOS Mojave and AC24 FIN 3D explore and WASD keys works perfectly for me, Mac Pro 2010 + Radeon VII.

Mac Pro 2013 Big Sur with an oldish D500 GPU (equals maybe radeon HD 7950), no problems with AC25 FIN 3D explore and WASD keys. Pretty fluid to me:

Works pretty much as good on my Macs as on my HP Z440 AC24 win10, with Radeon RX 6900XT.


Really hope you find some help, things should not be like that at all.

AC25, Rhino6/7+Grasshopper, TwinMotionMac Pro 6,1 E5-1650v2-3,5GHz/128GB/eGPU:6800XT/11.5.1 • HP Z440 E5-1650v3/256GB/RX6900XT/W10Pro

We are using Monterey but I don't think downgrading is an option, although it might fix it along with a host of other problems. I'm most likely going to just get a PC for the office, Archicad 25 runs like a dream on my PC's at home, has no bugs or problems, doesn't crash from mundane tasks, and runs infinitely faster too. I've loaded it up on a few computers I've got at home.


I booted up 13 year old computer I had in storage and get much better performance than the Mac at work - like being able to instantly zoom in and out in a loaded plan view instead of waiting a second or two.


What kind of specs are those computer with. If it's iMac i9, you should have decent GPU too, but what about memory? Is there enough free space on the drive? What equipmnet is attached to them? Are they booted normally from internal SSD?


Usually on Mac one wouldn't want to upgrade everything to the latest OS wise. Apples yearly OS upgrades have never playd nicely in respect to Archicad yearly cycles. I have allways kept it to "next best" with both. That way you skip the quirks and work can go on uninterrupted. Windows is far better in this update area in my opinion.


I do check the latest as soon as they are out though, but never use the latest for work.


Maybe your employer could let test downgrading one of the Macs, that could lead to decision for those others too.


I really have a hunch about Monterey, based on this forum posts too. Apple is now busy with their Apple silicon coding, and intel code might see itself in a step child position among Cupertino developers.


ps. I use a 12 yo old Mac from 2010 for every day work too (see above), upgraded to the max of course. I've got several working computers available all the time. Newest is 2017 iMac, 64GB/1TB/RX580).

AC25, Rhino6/7+Grasshopper, TwinMotionMac Pro 6,1 E5-1650v2-3,5GHz/128GB/eGPU:6800XT/11.5.1 • HP Z440 E5-1650v3/256GB/RX6900XT/W10Pro

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