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Level Dimension Custom Text and Reference Level for Top of Wall Elevation Label


I am trying to create a custom label using the Level Dimension tool (not the Label tool). See images for reference. My questions are threefold:


1) Can custom text in the dimension be a part of what is saved as a favorite? This would be to distinguish from "top of wall, " "bottom of footing," and "top of slab" dimensions. 


2) Can the elevation go off of a reference level instead of Project Zero?


3) Can I reference to top of a wall rather than the bottom of the wall? 


If none of these are possible, does anybody have a better method of automating the labeling process of these various elements?

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 12.19.54 PM.png

ArchiCAD: AC26, Version 4024 USA Full (Apple Silicon)
Computer: 2022 Apple M1 Max, 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 64 GB memory

Barry Kelly

1 & 2 - No, you have to edit after dimension is placed.


3 - No, the level dimension tool only dimensions automatically to the top of slabs roofs and meshes (I think - I don't have Archicad running at the moment).


If you want the ability to customise (and save those settings as favourites) then you want to look at the label too.

There is an 'Elevation' label that can show top and/or bottom elevations that is part of the standard library, but it does not have the 'target' marker option like the level dimension has.


Otherwise you will need to look into creating your own label object (GDL scripting required).


You can draw lines, circles and text (autotext?) and save as a custom label object (no scripting required).

I can't say I have tried this and as I said I don't have Archicad running at the moment so can't test it at the moment.




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