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Plotmaker JPG size limit?

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Mac OSX 10.3 ArchiCAD 7... Plotmaker 2.3

I'm trying to get a 12 mb jpeg into Plotmaker, and its "unexpectedly quitting" during the import process. The image I'm importing has a long aspect ratio (street elevation) which I intend to print using a banner page onto a roll of 18" paper.

Can't I get an image of any size into Plotmaker??

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There should not be a problem with that size file. I have printed jpgs with several images 36mb each. It sounds like your computer ram is too small.

I saw a posting that recommended 512 mb. For ArchiCAD 8. this is a bare minimum on either platform. But the MAC is particularly sensitive to this. I would recommend 1 gb and if you can get a minimum of 16 mb in your plotter. If this doesn't do the trick call GSUS tech support or your AC reseller.


Thomas Holm
I seem to recall there's a size limit for pixel images (TIF, GIF, JPG, whatever) at around 4096 pixels on the long side, in Archicad. I'm not sure about Plotmaker. Perhaps it's not the file size in MB that's the problem.

AC4.1-AC24SWE-25INT; OSX11.5; MP5,1+MBP16,1

The image size limit is 4048x4048, but this only relates to images that come from ArchiCAD - I don't think this is Robert's problem.

I think Bruce has the right idea. I would suggest rebooting, and then with all programs closed, (including ArchiCAD), opening just PlotMaker and seeing how you go.

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I have problem with adding jpeg files from pmk. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, so I saved my images into bitmap files which seem to be so far, workign very well with pmk.


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Can't I get an image of any size into Plotmaker??
Plotmaker 2.x on the Mac cannot import an image wider than 4096 pixels, it can however import an image taller than 4096 pixels!

So rotate the image 90º in Photoshop and re-import into Plotmaker. You can then rotate it back again in Plotmaker or print it vertically.


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Bill - you are the best. Completely illogical, yet right on the money. Importing into Plotmaker a large bitmapped image fine. Either print vertically with banner paper (or rotate and print, but I'm not pushing my luck!).

Now we have a great photograph, an elevation of existing conditions along out site, 5 feet long printed on a single sheet from a roll.

Thank you SO MUCH for knowing that preposterous bit of information.


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Anybody know if this idiotic limit still applies in AC/PM 9?

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apparently it does... used the workaround here to solve the problem. good old Search... feature!

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