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Schedule single side of morph


A colleague has modelled a panel cladding system using morph faces, as it was proving too complicated for the CI cladding tool. The cladding panels are 4 different finishes and they're trying to schedule them, however with both a surfaces schedule and an elements schedule the area comes out as double, so it's scheduling both sides of the morph face opposed to one.


Is it possible to just schedule one? Would we need to create a new parameter and column to divide the area by half?





@RespondJoe  What fields are you using to schedule the morphs though?

As that can have an effect on your results, see attached.


Screenshot 2021-11-09 130959.png

Screenshot 2021-11-09 131012.png


Andre Steynberg
Win 10 64-bit

Thanks for the reply! I did a quick test file and it comes out as yours with Area showing one face, Exposed Area showing both. In the live file that they're working in, using surface area or exposed area didn't make any difference, however on further investigation it turns out they'd exploded cladding panels into morphs, so every panel actually had a 3mm thickness and so Area was picking up the sides & back too...!!


Lesson for today, always check the number of morphs..! Thanks for your time 🙂



Awesome glad to have helped!

Andre Steynberg
Win 10 64-bit

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