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Skin list label 23 issue

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Hi all, I remember seeing somewhere that the skin list label has had a bug in it some years back causing it to offset the text by it self. And that you can fix this by opening the label and clicking OK and then it repositions to the correct placement.

I am currently experiencing this behaviour in AC23, which is a big problem, because we need to go through every view that contains a skin list label (which is a lot), open it, and click OK. And we have to do this whenever we need to publish something.

Another issue with this label is that some of them, not all of them, causes a huge delay when you near it with the cursor, making it almost impossible to reposition it or even just zoom in at it. The cursor goes to the rotating disc/time glass whenever you try to go near one of these labels.

Graphisoft, can you please fix this quickly.

For what it is worth I am using MacOS Mojave.

Also, sorry if this it not the correct forum for this.


Anoying problem, I select l labels, select all , then move them a fraction - all labels restore
ArchiCAD 4.5 --- 25 , Win 10 , dual monitors, 64 gb ram,Nvidia GeforceRTX 2080 TI, I-9

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