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Virtual Building Explorer pictures

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I would like to discuss the fact that VBE does not handle pictures. When you have choosen your own pictures in "picture 12" in ArchiCAD it doesn't follow to the VBE file. This is something that is really annoying. Anyone have a clue?

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Hi Joakim,

It seems to be a known issue. See the last note on this page -

As a workaround, I presume setting up each picture as a separate material, applying it to a thin wall, then using align texture to get it to start in the right place would still work?

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Hello Peter.

Thank you for the "known issues" info. So hopefully it's solved with next upgrade.

The workaround you suggest is exactly what I've been doing but since I have sometimes +/- 200 paintings/pictures in my models It's really boring and timeconsuming so I've quit doing that 🙂

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In VBE 2 this problem is solved. Yeah!

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