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Wallhole dimensions for construction

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We have modelled a concrete building with a floor slab, screed and block walls. Doors in the block walls are 2,400 high from floor level, but when building the openings the necessary measurement will be from slab level 2,500.

Is there any way, apart from manually writing the opening height to call out this dimension?

I've considered
- creating some form of under-cut door (can't seem to do that?)
- adding a script to the <MeasuredValue> marker that always adds 100 (anyone know how to do this?)
- Creating a wall opening at the right size as well as a door (difficult to get the dimension to stick to the right thing)

Any help would be appreciated!

I've been trhough this.
I ended considering that it is better to show the height from the FFL (which is fixed) while thicknees of screed could vary a little bit due to imperfections in the cast.
Anyway up to now it seems (to me) that it is impossible to get the number you want to get automatically.
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