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Why is Redshift renders always green?


Much as i admire Archicad, I'm less than impressed by Redshift in AC25.  No matter what the settings the render comes out in shades of green.  It's like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.  No matter what the settings, are put to it always comes out like algae.  Any suggestions from the experts?



I don't have access to AC25 or Redshift, but could it be a hardware issue? What are you running? Might it be running out of VRAM? Have you tried rendering out a really simple scene, maybe from a different file?



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Sorry at the delay in answering, but with an i9 9900 with 64 GB of RAM  and an ASUS NVIDIA RTX 2080 I would not expect anything to be a hardware problem.  Certainly not with the graphics card as both the standard Photorender and Redshift hardly touch my graphics card and max out the CPU.  

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