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label with round text frame?

hey people, has anyone found a place to download more customizable label tool? or has anyone managed to create a custom one like the explain here? way above my ability. i need to clean up my sections and details and usually one would do it with numbered labels that refer to a legend. i could do it with square frames but it just doesn't look right or nice. i would have attached a pic of what i mean, but this page crashes when i try, so use your imaginations.
iMac 27" i7 4 Ghz osx 11.5.2

AC 25, 3002

Give me a couple days and I'll recreate this one for you

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Wow, that would be awesome, thanks so much!

iMac 27" i7 4 Ghz osx 11.5.2

AC 25, 3002

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