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AC9 & PM9 Font Encoding Problems

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Font Encoding Problems
I have changed default Font Encoding from 0 (ANSI_CHARSET) to 204 (RUSSIAN_CHARSET), because I'm working with russian Layers, using russian words in Navigator, need to see russian characters for Library Parts etc.
My ArchiCAD 9 and PlotMaker 9 are showing the russian characters, but the problem now is that when I insert Ø (diameter sybmol) with any font that supports this character with WESTERN font script and then update my AC9 file in PM9 the symbol is shown with invailed encoding.
I have found 2 ways to bypass this problem, but better is to solve problem at GRAPHISOFT.
1st Method:
use Font that supports diameter character with cyrillic font script. From my 70 fonts, I have found only RusAria. And this is not the best font for dimension texts, beacause is wide and bold.
2nd Method:
When PM9 starts, the program checks AC9 Font Script Encoding (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD\ArchiCAD 9.0.0 INT R1\Font Description). If the default 0 (ANSI_CHARSET) replaced with 204 (RUSSIAN_CHARSET) PM9 remembers this last value at start up. And I think that's the problem, beacuse each time if I reset to default AC9 font enconding 0 (ANSI_CHARSET) value before starting PM9, the characters are showing correct. /Font encoding value 204 for PM9 can be leaved/
I'm not programmer and don't shure that this is only problem. Maybe the problem is, that AC9 don't saves font scripts and application font encoding together.

In AC9 navigator with russian characters saved views can't be imported/updated in PM9. /note: view set names can be written in russian /
The only way for solving this problem, that I know is to replace view set names with Latin(english) characters.

OS: WinXP Professional, SP2
ArchiCAD version: AC 9 INT R1 (not yet updated)

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