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Adding a closed change to a new layout


I deleted a layout and had to reinstate it. The original had two previous revisions from closed transmittals - is there a way I can re-add the closed changes to the new layout - or will I need to manually add the changes?

Gerry Leonor

it's a standard office procedure for us & it's bad practice to delete layouts. 


there is information contained in the layouts (specifically drawing revisions & change history) that will be deleted if the layout is deleted. we simply put a big red text on a Dutch angle that says "LAYOUT NO LONGER IN USE"...or something to that effect.


if you're early enough in your Revision History & Change Manager list, you might be bothered to re-create the layout's history (ie. re-opening Transmittals, deleting Transmittals, re-adding transmittals to include the deleted layout, re-adding the changes to Transmittals etc...). there's alot of work involved in recreating that history. otherwise, see if you can find a backup of your file.


drawings you can delete. the only thing that you need to be wary when deleting drawings is if you have Autotext Reference linked to that deleted drawing which you'll need to re-do. otherwise, deleting of layouts is a big no.

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