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Define constant leader line length for label tool?

I'm looking to create a constant leader line length across my labels. When I activate the label tool, the leader length (the length between the note and angled arm with an arrow, typically controlled with a control node), defaults to a rather large l...

Teamwork "Layout" File Takes Forever to Update Layouts

Hi All, I would appreciate your wisdom on this subject:Our office is working on a new school project that consists of 6 buildings. Each building is modelled in an individual .pln file that is accessed through BIMcloud as a Service. All layouts are li...

BenATA by Booster
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Resolved! Elevation Lines not appearing on Floorplans

Hello, I've never had this happen before within my settings for my elevation marker as I'm trying to highlight the extension lines for my elevations & sections markers on the floorplans.I've tested out using other markers to see if the settings would...

coolmate by Participant
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BIMx AC 25

I seem to remember a lot of discussion on BIMx for 25 (can't find it which is no surprise on this forum) and how bad it is. Was their any mention from GS that it was going to be fixed in the 25 version?I am having to save back to 24 and use its BIMx ...

Archicad 26 Project Location

The option to select a predefined city via the "globe" button in Project Location has been removed in 26.Other than inputting the actual coordinates how else can I add the location of the building?

Too Long by Enthusiast
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Datasmith connection has issues??

This is posted to TM support forum, too, Case 00471239, if you want to follow up.Graphisoft, Please get your plugins in order. The textures do not get across correctly, as the mapping is off.Example Images attached.Archicad 25 5001/6000, TM 2022.2 Ba...

Unnecessary Extended Lines on pdf files after publishing

Hi. This is our first time posting here. I just want to ask if any of you have encountered this problem. On the screenshot below with colored pens, the layouts look normal but when we publish pdf files, unnecessary lines extend on each layout. Our te...

On-screen View.jpg Published File.jpg

Roof Tool Outlines

Don't know if this has been brought up before but why,why,why does 2 roof planes with the same pitch and outline line type are totally different? Can't be because ones a single roof plane? Same in AC 24


ADA Diagrams in Final Published Set for Construction

This is not technically an Archicad question; but since most of you are part of the architecture profession, I would like your thoughts. For those of you who work regularly in commercial architecture, how many of your firms have a standard, generic s...