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Driveway creation in Archicad

I've been playing around with Rhino - Grasshopper Live Connection and been able to generate morphs which follow the topography of the site.A colleague looked over my shoulder and made two comments which resonated quite well.Said wow that functions re...

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Cover sheet numbering

I have this cover "sheet" with what looks like other sheets stacked in the display window that also seems to affect the sheet numbering in the layout tree. When clicking through the sheets with the arrow buttons, the sheets are there but seem to be u...

Sun Studies to publisher?

I'm doing a project with several sun studies, and would like to repeat them as the model changes. Can Sun Studies be saved as views, with all associated settings and then published? Thanks.

Line spacing in text elements

Hello Everyone, im trying to match my layouts in Archicad and Indesign and I was wondering what method Archicad uses to calculate the Line Spacing in text elements. The value is specified as a percentage in the options menu and is 100% by default. Bu...

Resolved! Archicad 25 Dimension Bug

Our company recently upgraded to 25 over the past month and we have just realized that any dimension, usually under 8" looses it's arrowheads. We have seen others talk about it, with the work around being to make it a separate dimension string or to ...

AS7 by Contributor
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Publishing layout to JPEG / PNG / ETC.

I've been trying to publish my layout to JPEG, PNG, etc. and there's been a few strange things happening. Usually when publishing to PDF or DWG we don't have any issues with image quality etc. When I just tried publishing to JPEG or PNG the quality i...

webstvr by Newcomer
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Resolved! Incorrect pen colours

We have just upgraded to Archicad 26 but everything on the Master layout is in bright red, even though clicking on them tells me it is the correct line weight and in black - how to fix please? All the drawings etc are fine. Thanks. (Have posted as re...

Scale 26 (Graphic Scale)

The "Scale 26" object only shows as metric despite imperial configuration. There is no option to select unit systems.

bennerm by Contributor
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Resolved! Label / tag on a morph

Hello I was wondering in AC25 if it was possible to label/tag a morph element? I use morphs to to create stone blocks, and in the past i would manually use a basic text tool to indicate some information about it. See image attached for example. I can...

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Foti by Enthusiast
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Master Layout Import without Import of Objects possible?

Hello together, Recently I've noticed, that when I import master layouts via organiser... ... it seems that every object of the 'user library' is getting imported too. Can I do anything against that? (When I want to use MLs from other projects, I don...

snow by Advocate
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